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Priatnov products and service include:

To directors, heads of departments and other professionals in museums and elsewhere, Priatnov offers consultancy, coaching and training in management.

Approach and methods:

Priatnov's approach is based on active participation. We believe that adults learn best when they can analyse their problems working towards practical goals, and when they are put in a position where they can exchange their opinions and experience with equals. Respect for the participants' own experience and insights is essential in our approach. In our point of view, a stimulating atmosphere forms the basic condition for an effective learning process.

Priatnov's work is known for its personal approach, professionalism, good atmosphere and its unexpected appeal on individual creative talents.

Priatnov has ample experience in individual coaching projects, project management, personnel management, the making of marketing plans, the making of strategic plans, the making of collection plans. Priatnov has worked both with large and small organisations. Priatnov has been involved in interim management and management training in museums and other kinds of organisations, in several countries.