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Experience abroad

In Indonesia
  Exhibition management project.
From November 2006 till mid 2008 a project for the eleven museums that are financed by the city-government of Jakarta. The Tropenmuseum Amsterdam and the City of Rotterdam worked together in this project that had two parts: active conservation and exhibition management. Priatnov was responsible for the part "exhibition management". I organised and conducted workshops on how to structure the process of exhibition making, on marketing and on education. An important part of the project was the coaching of the teams in the museums, on the spot.
  In 2002 and 2003 Priatnov was trainer and project leader in museum management workshops for these museums.
  In April 2007 I organised and conducted on Bali a workshop on museum management for seven private museums form Jakarta and Bali..

In the Czech Republic
  From February 2004 till the end of 2005 consultant and trainer of director and staff of the Muzeum Romské Kultury, Brno.
Under the auspices of the Anne Frank Foundation in Amsterdam the Museum of Romani Cultures is supported in realising their permanent exposition. Priatnov advises and trains in matters of education, marketing en quality management.
  From 1993 till 2001: project leader of two projects.
Workshops, symposiums and publications about museum - management: "how to make a collection plan," "a marketing plan," "a strategic plan," "sponsors and organisations of friends," "analysis of the museums' role in society" and "how to deal with changing structures."
  Lectures in matters of personnel management, museums and tourism, training and how to organise training.

In Hungary and Slovenia
  Co-trainer in museum management workshops

In European Russia
  Co-trainer in museum management workshops in Vologda
  Lectures in Vologda and Arkhangelsk on management of cultural projects, marketing in museums, quality management in museums
  Lectures in Vologda and Arkhangelsk on artists and marketing

In Siberia
  Project leader and trainer in museum management workshops in Ulan Ude and in Yenisseisk

In Yemen
  Co-trainer in museum management workshops for the National Museum of Yemen in Sana'a
  Advisor and author of a new organisational structure (in close cooperation with the museums' staff) of the National Museum in Sana'a

In Belgium
  Advice to the board of the Flemish Museums Association in personnel matters