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Current and recent projects

  Olga and Boris (in Russian), a series of poems about a woman who poisones her husband by using mushrooms.

In preparation

  Russian Etnographic Alphabet, an alphabet in poems, about ethnographical objects and rituals, from the region of Vologda, Russia, in cooperation with the museum in Vologda. A publication in Russian and English and an exhibition.
  A rhinoceros in my garden, poems about Rhinoceroses, in Russian, English and Dutch. Each edition illustrated by Viktor Sachivko from Krasnoyarsk.
  Prostate problems, the experience of a patient, in poems, in Dutch (in preparation).
  Luboą and the Millenniumbug, a story in verses illustrated by Josef Kremláček from Třebíč. This publication will be in Czech, in memory of Luboą Brabec, entomolog, who died in August 2003.

Earlier realised

  Abecedarium Naturalis: an alphabet in poems in Czech and English, on Czech natural history. An accompanying travelling exhibition has been on show in six museums in the Czech Republic: in Třebíč, in Havířov, in Mariánské Lázně, in Říčany, in Čáslav and in Třinec.
  Poetry publications in The Yemen Observer (in English) and in Al Gumhoreyaih (in Arabic)
  a booklet with a series of poems, published in Czech: Věra a Josef aneb chu» hub, about a woman who poisoned her husband with mushrooms.
  The story in poems 'Věra a Josef aneb chu» hub' is used in some exhibitions in the Czech Republic : in Rokycany in 2003 and in Plzeň in 2006.