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Products on offer, recent and current projects
(all products mentioned can be designed according to your situation on request)
Quality management for museums
A workshop, where (small) museums can set the first concrete steps in quality management for their own specific situation. A tailor made product, available in The Netherlands and abroad. For Dutch speaking participants a book about this item is part of the workshop.
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The role of small museums in society
A five-day workshop, a product that can be adjusted to your needs and that is available in The Netherlands and abroad. The workshop deals with the following questions:
. how can we involve the local community in the museum work?
. how can we function as generators of culture for the local community?
. how can we make clear to the local government that we deliver something unique for the people?
. how can we make clear that our existence and our work generate economical profit for the town?
. how can we involve local and regional sponsors?
. what can we do for schools and other institutions in town and region?
. why is important to set up and support the small museums?
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Interim management
Interim management in the Museum of Resistance and World War 2 in Rotterdam ( Priatnov acted as a volunteer director in this small museum from May 2004 till May 2006. On a special page you can read about this experience.

Booklet for Russian students of the Pedagogical University Vologda
In the framework of a project of the Netherlands Museums Association and the Museum in Vologda, Russia, led by Herman Aarts, director of Stedelijk Museum Zwolle ( Priatnov is co-author with Herman Aarts of a booklet on museum-management.

Exhibition management in Jakarta
The Tropenmuseum Amsterdam and the City of Rotterdam work together in a project for the eleven municipal museums in Jakarta. Priatnov is responsible for the part "exhibition management". The project started in November 2006 and will be concluded in mid 2008.

Quick scan of some small museums in the area of Terneuzen
The town of Terneuzen, in Zeeuws Vlaanderen, has asked for a quick scan for the museums in its territory. They wish to develop a new museums policy and therefore need this information. The quick scan will take place in February and March 2007.
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