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Priatnovs Column - March and April 2017

the group
The idea for the project was born in 2008. Two locals discussed it and tried to find support. Without success. Then, in 2015, a local historian appeared to be interested. And because he had experience in such projects, they were happy to cooperate with him.
The founding minds were still a bit disappointed about their earlier efforts, but the optimism of their new fellow was rather re-assuring.
The small group was enriched with two men who had experience in writing on historical matters and the research that was necessary. Then there was a group member with good contacts in the local government, another with experience in publishing and one who volunteered for public relations.

They organised a meeting in order to get more people in the community interested, they approached an artist and a local craftsman.
The historian was chairman, secretary and treasurer at the same time. When the group gathered he prepared everything and afterwards he made the notes of the meeting, he also wrote a project plan, with a time schedule and a budget.

When the project got more substantial, the differences in the group members became more visible. One of the authors reported on his progress. He was very enthusiastic about all historical details. His enthusiasm was really nice. But when another group member asked about the "target-group", what reader does he have in mind, he was almost angry, because that was not relevant at all. The p.r. man explained patiently that it was of course relevant, because the project should be made public in different ways and the book should be accessible to a broad audience. They did not agree. The chairman used his diplomatic skills.

The founding minds were disappointed about the decision making on the object that should be placed in a street in the community. They meant that we should not discuss again, but make a decision. Here again the chairman used his diplomatic skills.

Most of the group members are elderly and only one or two were interested in social media. But they trusted the p.r. man to prepare a FB page. Here again the support of the chairman helped.

In the end not everyone was as happy as they could be, but they made progress and they were allowed to do their individual tasks.