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Priatnovs Column - July 2017

the ad interim chief
He was asked by the authorities. The museum people didn't know about him. Just that we was a library director with status.
He filled the gap between the director that left and a new one. The authorities needed time to think about the profile of the new one and someone had to come ad interim.

He was informed about what was just going on and about what urgent decisions had to be made. So he asked questions, thought about it and announced his decisions. He waited for critical response and questions from the museum's staff. But no one spoke. They were not used and to be frank they were a bit afraid. His reputation was that of a dominant one.

So he went on and asked the museum's librarian what was happening in his department and what were the plans. The answers were hesitating and not very clear. The problems between the curators and the library were not mentioned. The curators always tried to avoid their promised contribution to the library's work. The librarian was not very powerful, so not much happened. One of the curators wrote an ongoing list of publications for an important magazine in the museums' field. But he did not discuss this with the librarian.

The ad interim chief analysed the librarian's plans for registrations the collection. He decided that the chosen system was not at all appropriate.
The librarian was too afraid to speak up. He complained at the assistant chief, who said to him. When you do not agree you should tell the ad interim chief. He will listen, I am sure.

The ad interim chef was happy that eventually someone told him that maybe he was not right. And he discussed. He changed his plans, they found a nice way in the middle of their opinions.