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Priatnov poetry. Poem of the Month - September 2017

the gift could have been from the heart
or for diplomatic reasons
5000 years ago

the craftsmanship must have impressed
the receiving party

a clear message written on the outside
the kingdom of Main made his mark
the horned-sheep

an image
symbolising life and power?

imagine the ceremony of presenting
and the receiver knowing
the obvious obligation accompanying it

time, salts and humidity
made holes and a fine green corrosion-colour
the sand kept it
the sand preserved it

time allowed the disease to grow
it's ugliness buried in the sand

the gentle determined hands
of an Egyptian professor
and a Yemeni professional
restore the original beauty
step by step
sharp, but tender

a gift again
but now for the people
26/10/2000 Kees Plaisier, Sana'a

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