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Priatnov poetry. Poem of the Month - July 2017

hotel Grand
the outside needed preventive conservation
the service however
was in a terrible state
crying for a major restoration

the three towels
had one thing in common
they got wet quickly
as soon as they saw you coming from under the shower
even before you could use them

the insects were mostly hidden
or too small
the sheets were surprisingly clean
and frightened the bedbugs away

the toilet was miles away
during the night
the curtains were not even expected
to be there

the staff had reassuringly
always the same bad mood
problems spontaneously arose
every time possible

serious de-collecting of staff
must be considered

even the elevator had a jobdescription
with limited working hours

but the beer was grand
the beer was Radegast
14/7/99 Kees Plaisier

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